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This is the course homepage and digital textbook for Human Genome Variation with Computational Lab (AS.020.321). Instructor

Rajiv McCoy, rajiv.mccoy[at]jhu.edu Schedule & Logistics

Class is Tuesdays from 3-3:50PM, in UTL G89.

Please bring your laptop with you to every class. If you don’t have a working laptop, contact me so that we can find a solution.

Session Content
Session 1: The reference genome & genome browsers
Session 2: De novo mutations
Session 3: Linkage disequilibrium
Session 4: Simulating evolution
Session 5: Population structure – part I
Session 6: Population structure – part II
Session 7: Genome-wide association studies – part I
Session 8: Genome-wide association studies – part II
Session 9: Scans for selection – part I
Session 10: Scans for selection – part II
Session 11: Archaic admixture
Session 12: Gene expression
Session 13: Coronavirus phylogenetics